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Wednesday Workout Recap

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So I’m stealing this idea from Megan as she does this as well on Wednesdays. Not that I think any of you will actually gives two shits about what my training plan and workouts are like. Mostly this is for me and I feel like if I put this out there in the open, then I am less likely to skip anything. Or at least I will hold myself more accountable.

So here we go.

Please not this is last weeks workout schedule…

Monday: Monday’s are typically my rest days but since this was a holiday and there was an open water swim practice available at Fort Ritchie, I opted to do that instead swapping my rest day on Monday for the swim workout I had scheduled for Wednesday. I swam about 900 meters in my wetsuit and then another 300 minutes without. Followed that swim up with a 2 mile run.

Tuesday: 1 Hour Trainer Ride followed by a 2 mile run.

Wednesday: This is where I took my Monday’s rest day.

Thursday: 1 Hour Trainer Ride

Friday: What was on the calendar: 4 Miles Easy Run. What I actually did: 3 Miles easy run. So sue me. I promise I’ll get better.

Saturday: 110 Minutes of biking (although if you add up the actual workout, it was actually 115). Megan, Kristin and I met up in Columbia to do a 2ish mile loop at Columbia Gateway. I think I got 12 laps, in but honestly I stopped counting after 8.

Sunday: 6 Mile Run. I was under the impression that today’s weather was going to be abysmal so I woke up as early as I could manage to get it done. Turns out it didn’t start raining and getting gross until closer to 4pm. Oh well. It allowed me to be lazy for a good part of the day.

In other news, I really dislike the fact that we went from spring in New England type weather to August temps in a week. If anything, it gives me a lot of practice managing my heat related migraines.


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