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Workout Wednesday

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Okay so I may or may not have totally skipped the last two weeks worth of Wednesday workout recaps…. Whoopsies. Truth be told, I haven’t even touched this blog since July 1st. Whoops again. In my defense I had a lot going on including recovering from a super sprained ankle, finishing my capstone for my master’s degree, oh and there was a race in there too (more on all of these later). So now, let’s look at what workouts were like this past week.

RECOVERY WEEK! Probably not much point of even writing this post but… oh well.

Monday: Scheduled rest day and post race rest day.

Tuesday: 20 mins super easy swim to flush things out.  

Wednesday: 45 minutes easy on the bike aka catching up on my Stargate SG-1 binge watching on Hulu

Thursday: Easy 2 mile run. Good news is that my ankle feels better and better every time I run. Still rocking the ankle brace this week though.

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: I had to go up to Northern Maryland for the DC Tri Club Board retreat so I got in my 60 minute easy bike ride on the trainer before I headed up to the Fort Ritchie area.

Sunday: Had to be back up at Fort Ritchie rather early so got up super early to get my run in. 4 miles and no ankle pain at all! (also, I didn’t wear my brace which was great)

So what do the next few weeks look like in terms of 70.3 training? Lots and lots and lots of miles. Coming up this weekend is a 40 mile bike ride which may not seem like much but it’ll be the longest I’ve ever been on a bike.



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