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Workout Wednesday

Okay so I may or may not have totally skipped the last two weeks worth of Wednesday workout recaps…. Whoopsies. Truth be told, I haven’t even touched this blog since July 1st. Whoops again. In my defense I had a lot going on including recovering from a super sprained ankle, finishing my capstone for my master’s degree, oh and there was a race in there too (more on all of these later). So now, let’s look at what workouts were like this past week.

RECOVERY WEEK! Probably not much point of even writing this post but… oh well.

Monday: Scheduled rest day and post race rest day.

Tuesday: 20 mins super easy swim to flush things out.  

Wednesday: 45 minutes easy on the bike aka catching up on my Stargate SG-1 binge watching on Hulu

Thursday: Easy 2 mile run. Good news is that my ankle feels better and better every time I run. Still rocking the ankle brace this week though.

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: I had to go up to Northern Maryland for the DC Tri Club Board retreat so I got in my 60 minute easy bike ride on the trainer before I headed up to the Fort Ritchie area.

Sunday: Had to be back up at Fort Ritchie rather early so got up super early to get my run in. 4 miles and no ankle pain at all! (also, I didn’t wear my brace which was great)

So what do the next few weeks look like in terms of 70.3 training? Lots and lots and lots of miles. Coming up this weekend is a 40 mile bike ride which may not seem like much but it’ll be the longest I’ve ever been on a bike.



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Workout Wednesday

Well if you’ve been reading along, this week ended with a bang. Or rather with me hitting the pavement. How did the week fare before that doomed moment?

Monday: Scheduled rest day, which was much needed due to the massive migraine that was happening. Migraine ended up being sinus related, so that was fun.

Tuesday: Supposed to be a 1-hour trainer ride but had a massive migraine/sinus infection and felt awful. Ended up going to bed early and laying low. Sudafed was super helpful today.

Wednesday: I stayed home from work today, as I was still feeling less than stellar from the sinus infection. I was feeling better in the afternoon so I hit up the pool and got in my 1700m swim for the day. It went rather well.

Thursday: So many thunderstorms this week! Was going to do the trainer + 2 mile brick but due to the storms I decided I didn’t want to run in a thunderstorm so did the 1 hour trainer ride from Tuesday instead.

Friday: Scheduled rest day.

Saturday: Today was supposed to be an 8-mile run. I went tubing in the AM with my girlfriends and then was going to meet up with Megan later in the day to run a 5k in which I was then going to tack on some extra miles. Well… that definitely did not go according to plan. At. All.

Sunday: Forced rest day. My ankle is rather purple and swollen so definitely no running or biking at the moment.

So now we are in my forced rest week due to my sprain ankle. I guess I started my taper before Rev3 Williamsburg early? Here’s hoping the swelling goes down enough by the end of the week so that I can try biking.

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Wednesday Workout Recap

Another week gone by and another week of training done. This week was exceptionally warm and I was having trouble managing the heat. In fact, I’m going on hour 48 of a headache. Yes, this is going well.

Monday: Rest day… although I ended up staying awake till like 1am getting some work done.

Tuesday: Supposed to be a swim but ended up on the trainer for an hour instead.

Wednesday: Yup, this didn’t happen.

Thursday: Was supposed to swim here but storms got in the way.

Friday: Scheduled rest day. Was going to make up my missed workout earlier but that didn’t happen.

Saturday: 6 mile run followed by a 1700m swim later in the day. The swim wasn’t a part of my Saturday plan but I missed the swim earlier in the week due to Thunder.

Sunday: 130 minutes on the bike. Megan and I went out to Columbia, MD and biked the Iron Girl course and then added some additional time in. It was hot. It was miserable. And I ended up with a migraine that as of Tuesday at 1pm is still going rather strong.

So this week was pathetic. I did not do well with getting any of workouts in when they were planned. I’m going to try to get some of missed workouts in when I can and working on doing the workouts as scheduled.

Here’s to the next week!


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Wednesday Workout Recap

For those of you who might actually be reading this and are following along (which I really can’t think there are many at this point) I haven’t gotten around to posting the workout recap from last week. So what do I have to say about last week? Well, I took an extra off day early in the week, but I made it up later in the week. I also shuffled my workouts around. Whoops.


Monday: Standard rest day.

Tuesday: Accidently took another rest day here. Actually, it wasn’t by accident. My commute home from work was a pain due to all this metro crap and I was… angry. Moving on.

Wednesday: Brick time! 1 Hour run followed by a 2 mile bike.

Thursday: So here is where this week gets fun. Metro is a disaster and my office is approximately 6.5 miles from my house. So… why not run to work? Yes, that’s what I did. It was actually quite fun.

Friday: What was on the calendar? 1 hour trainer ride. What did I actually do? Bike commuted to and from work. Collectively this was about 1 hour and 45 minutes of commuting (both too and from work) but there were a lot of stop lights.

Saturday: 1700m swim. I got to the pool early enough that I got an entire lane to myself. That is always fun.

Sunday: 2 hour bike ride. Yeah.

On to next week!

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Wednesday Workout Recap

So I’m stealing this idea from Megan as she does this as well on Wednesdays. Not that I think any of you will actually gives two shits about what my training plan and workouts are like. Mostly this is for me and I feel like if I put this out there in the open, then I am less likely to skip anything. Or at least I will hold myself more accountable.

So here we go.

Please not this is last weeks workout schedule…

Monday: Monday’s are typically my rest days but since this was a holiday and there was an open water swim practice available at Fort Ritchie, I opted to do that instead swapping my rest day on Monday for the swim workout I had scheduled for Wednesday. I swam about 900 meters in my wetsuit and then another 300 minutes without. Followed that swim up with a 2 mile run.

Tuesday: 1 Hour Trainer Ride followed by a 2 mile run.

Wednesday: This is where I took my Monday’s rest day.

Thursday: 1 Hour Trainer Ride

Friday: What was on the calendar: 4 Miles Easy Run. What I actually did: 3 Miles easy run. So sue me. I promise I’ll get better.

Saturday: 110 Minutes of biking (although if you add up the actual workout, it was actually 115). Megan, Kristin and I met up in Columbia to do a 2ish mile loop at Columbia Gateway. I think I got 12 laps, in but honestly I stopped counting after 8.

Sunday: 6 Mile Run. I was under the impression that today’s weather was going to be abysmal so I woke up as early as I could manage to get it done. Turns out it didn’t start raining and getting gross until closer to 4pm. Oh well. It allowed me to be lazy for a good part of the day.

In other news, I really dislike the fact that we went from spring in New England type weather to August temps in a week. If anything, it gives me a lot of practice managing my heat related migraines.