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Hello Again

Sometimes you spend a few years with a blog you greatly enjoyed writing and then the person who hosted it for you decided they wanted nothing to do with you anymore and dismantled it against your wishes. Well, that’s neither here nor there any more and I took things into my own hands and started this lovely little site. Okay, so it’s been sitting here blank for longer than I wish to admit to but now I’m back and ready to write!


So what are we going to write this time around? To be honest, I’m not sure. I have a lot going on this year and want to use this blog to hold me accountable (yeah, no more skipping workouts for me!). I also want to write about what’s on my mind, not that any of you will read or care. Hell, if I’m the only one that ever reads this blog, I am okay with that as well.

So here we go again.